Helping survivors of Human Trafficking

HART’s goal is to provide survivors of sex trafficking in the Greater Toronto area with safe crisis housing and 24/7 emergency support. The GTA accounts for 60% of trafficking cases in Canada. Taken from our local communities and forced into the sex trade, the majority of victims are young girls aged 13 – 25 and are Canadian Citizens (94%). They are victims of modern slavery.


There are very few facilities in the GTA that have the capability and capacity to care for survivors at the time when they need security and stability most: immediately upon being released from their trafficker when they are severely traumatized and addicted to the drugs used to control them. By establishing partnerships with the private sector, experienced service providers and all levels of government, HART will provide:

• Safe shelter immediately upon being released from the trafficker
• On-site medical care (including rape kit, STI testing)
• Substance abuse & trauma counseling
• Recovery and rehabilitation programming (life skills, GED, career counseling, healthy living skills)
• A place to live until sufficiently equipped on all levels to enter the general population