Every year hundreds of children and young adults are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Ontario.  Sex trafficking is a crime mostly hidden from view, and it continues to grow each year.

  • Victims are primarily children and young adults aged 11 – 25
  • Over 90% traffic victims are Canadian citizens from local communities, forced by their handlers to work in the sex trade (high-end hotels, motels, strip clubs, body rub parlors, private dwellings).
  • Traffickers do not discriminate. No one, regardless of race, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, is immune from victimization
  • The GTA and Ontario’s 400 series highways account for 60% of trafficking cases in Canada
  • Human trafficking is second only to drug/gun trafficking in terms of size of illegal enterprise worldwide
  • Severe physical abuse, drug, and emotional dependence are used to control victims

Click here to learn how to recognize if someone is being groomed, or is being trafficked.


Please help make a positive difference in the lives of survivors who have managed to escape the bonds of their trafficker. Your gift will help fund important research necessary for:
• Development of effective clinical programs that will meet the unique needs of survivors
• Education
• Government policy formation